Go Around Bali Tours: North Bali Tour

Hi there....how are you? Sorry for not giving updates on Go Around Bali Tours activities lately. Now, we would like to share our tour to the north last week. The tour started at 08:00 and we were heading from Ubud to the first destination, Mengwi Royal Palace (Taman Ayun). It was a little early arriving there and there were not too many visitors filling the site. It was very nice there in the morning (the green yard, the temple, and the river looked so charming). However, we did not spend much time over there only taking some photos, and then we went up north to Candi Kuning market. It took about 30 minutes to get there as the road was not so crowded in the morning. Arriving at the market, we found that not all shops were open. We stepped out our car and had the first look to a shop near our car parked. The shop sold lots of interesting things and they were quite cheap. Our guest, Mr. Orinov decided to buy some for souvenir. We took a look to another shop and go caught to a fruit shop. Mr. Orinov loves fruit and he bought some for his breakfast. After shopping and wandering around for 30 minutes, we decided to continue our trip and drove further north to Beratan Temple.

Go Around Bali Tours

When we first arrived, there were not many people there. But after 15 minutes looking around, throng of people were coming in to the temple together with their arca and other holy attributes for purification purposes. I (the driver) got no surprise as I understood that on that day most of the villages in Bali held a purification ceremony. Only In one blink of an eye the site was filled up with people in white and yellow accompanied with musical instrument of ‘Beleganjur’. Beratan Lake is common water resource used by nearby local village to do purification ceremony to welcome the Balinese New Year (Nyepi holy day). We enjoyed the crowd and witnessed the whole procession until finished. After spending about 40 minutes there, we moved on to our next destination. We were then heading up further north to Gitgit Twin Waterfalls. It took us about 35 minutes to get to the spot and was quite smooth as the road was not too crowded. When we arrived, local guides were approaching and offered their service. However, Mr. Orinov decided not hire anyone of them and preferred going down alone. I highly recommend the visitors once you visit this place to hire a local guide in order to have complete information about the site. There are three different waterfalls in Gitgit, so it is a must for you to see all of those. After spending about an hour there, under heavy downpour we drove further up north to Lovina. Our tour finished in there and Mr. Orinov checked in a villa nearby Lovina beach. It was a nice tour, but a little tiring. Book your tour with us and see all part of Bali in just one day. See you soon.