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Bali in Brief

Bali is famous for its nick name ‘the island of Gods’. The name was given due to the fact that many temples can be found on the island. The presence of these temples leads the Balinese to keep up their tradition and culture such as conducting temple ceremonies, nature-related ceremonies, and human related ceremonies. Therefore, Bali is closely related to Hindus as most of the inhabitants are Hindus; thus, ceremonies can almost be found every day in Bali. Besides, Balinese house compound is another precious culture which can hardly be found around the world.

Bali Island is strategically located in a tropical area and geographically consists of mountains, valleys, lakes, and beautiful white sandy beaches and warm blue seawater. Beside its prestigious culture, it is also famous for its magnificent landscapes panorama from the top hill down to the sea.

Bali is small, just 140 Km from the east to the west and just 80 Km from the north to the south. It is inhabited by about 4.22 million of which 84.5% are Hindus. Bali stands in a tropical climate of two main seasons; a hot dry season from April to October, and a humid wet rainy season from November to March. The temperature remains fairly constant throughout the year with an average of 29 / 30°C (mid-80°F) in the daytime, falling to 24 / 25°C (mid-70°F) at night. Bali offers hundreds of places of interest which people can last their holiday and enjoy the enchanting panorama.

Since the growth of tourism in Bali, it has become one of the most important islands of Indonesia. Thousands of people come to Bali every year simply to see the remarkable nature of the island including its culture. This seems to be as a magnet which attracts people to come. Once you are in, it will be very hard for you to leave Bali, or even you may want to stay forever.

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