Go Around Bali Tours: Mount Batur Sun Rise Hike

It was a very nice experience having climbed up the famous mount Batur. I am sure that you have heard about this mountain as it is the second highest mountain in Bali.  Besides the beautiful mountain, there are also a lake at the bottom and a temple in another side. Climbing the mountain is the most wanted activity for the adventurer. Last Saturday, May 3rd I was dropping off guests to the site. Marike and Stephan were so excited to do the hike. We were leaving the hotel at 02:30 from Ubud and heading north under cold atmosphere. It was nice driving early in the morning and there was no traffic at all. It took us only an hour to get to the spot as the road was so empty. Arriving at the parking lot of the hike, we saw many tourists how had been ready to hike up. Marike and Stephan had well prepared and were ready to hike. They started the hike at around 4.

The weather was very cold there and the temperature might reach 16 degrees Celsius. The hike took about 1.5 to 2 hours to get to the top of the mountain depending on the speed of your pace. In the dry season, it is not so hard to climb up as the path is dry. Hiring a local to guide you up to the top is highly recommended; otherwise, you might get lost and we are so concerned with your safety. When you arrive at the top of the mountain, you will see a very nice crater and if the weather is friendly enough, you will be able to see the sun rise. The sun rises around 05:45 if we see from the top of the mountain. Mount Batur provides a nice trek for beginner adventurer as it is not too hard to climb. The whole trip will take about 4 to 5 hours, but for us it was a kind of one day trip. Marike and Stephan were not so happy with hike because they did not see the sun rise as it was a bit cloudy up there.

They got back down to the base at around 09:30 and we left Mount Batur for home. On the way back, we dropped by in a restaurant near by the lake about 3 kilometers from the mountain to have a quick breakfast, and then we took a quick look at Penelokan where you can see the view of Mount Batur. We did not stop there, but just went through it and decided to drive down to Ubud. We arrived in the hotel at 11:30 and the whole trip was unforgettable.