Go Around Bali Tours: Festive temple ceremony

Valentine day has gone away, leaving a very good memory among those who celebrated it. To Balinese, it seems that a special day never ends. Not long after one special day passed, another will come in two or three days. What an amazing experience for tourists to get involved in one of the upcoming temple ceremony which falls on Wednesday, February 19’ 2014. Balinese called Budha Cemeng Klawu; it falls once every six months based on Balinese calendar. Lots of ceremonies will take place in house-temples of the village even though in another village there might be ceremony in the village temple. Go Around Bali Tours is inviting you to see and understand more of what the Balinese people are doing during the ceremony. Every ceremony means so much to us (Balinese); therefore, we never miss it and really wanted your present to be among us.

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