Go Around Bali Tours: Bendesa Manik Mas at Besakih Mother Temple

On Budha Wage Klawu (in Balinese Calendar), February 19’ 2014 there was a ceremony taking place in the 3rd stage of Besakih Temple compound. It was a ‘Melaspas, Ngenteg Linggih, Nubung Pedagingan in a clan temple of Bendesa Manik Mas. The ceremony is different from the one which is annually held; in Balinese teachings, today’s ceremony is aimed at gaining bliss and welfare to mankind and all living creatures of the island. Some also say that the ceremony is to ease negative aura of our realm and make it balance to gain prosperity for human being.

I just had a little tour on Thursday morning to the temple. We left early in the morning to avoid traffic and bundle of people at the temple. The morning trip did not take much time as usual; it took just an hour to get there. A clear blue sky and gleamy sun shine took our vehicle go faster, passing chilly atmosphere of Kintamani. After arriving at the outer yard of the temple, we saw not too many people attending the ceremony (we thought because it was too early). Stepping further north, looking at the exalted steps made us so passionate to get to the temple. Arriving at the Bendesa Manik Mas clan temple, we saw the priest leading the offerings. It was a great joy having attended the ceremony and got blessing from the God. Wishing you were there…..

If you are wondering how beautiful it is during the ceremony, plan your tours with us.

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