Go Around Bali Tours: Spring Water Temple Tour

Last Sunday, March 9th, 2014 was a holy day in Bali. It is called “Banyu Pinaruh”. That was the day when Go Around Bali Tours had a sightseeing to one of the most famous places where people do a holy bathing or purification activity; that was the ‘Holy Spring Water Temple’ in Tampak Siring. Yes, that is right. This place is very famous among tourists who have been in Bali. Its location is not too far from Ubud centre, and it’s very easy to get there. Well…that Sunday morning Go Around Bali Tours picked up guests in the hotel and left at around 09:00. We visited some places (like watching Barong dance performance, taking a look to Batik and sliver shops) before heading up to the temple. As what we had planned, we arrived there at 11:30. When we got on the spot, the first word coming out was ‘Wooow’. Not because of the stunning site, but throngs of people and crowd of vehicles around the temple area. Looking at the situation, we had to carefully guide our guests and led them all the way around. Our planning was doing a holy bathing, but it seemed it was very difficult as there were lots of people queuing in the pool. There was almost no space to jump in it. “Oh my goodness…when do we have a chance to be under the holy fountain? Should we wait until the sun goes down? Or join the crowd and be in the water until our skin gets pale?” I was talking to my self. It was a hard choice really. We had a discussion to each other and decided not to do the bathing, but only took some photos and took a look to the temple in the main stage. Unfortunately, there were also many people pay homage in the main temple that made us difficult to get passed and look around the temple. Therefore, we eventually changed our plan and spent only a couple of minutes in the temple and decided to leave the place. I tried to explain this situation to the guests and assure them to come back again another time, if possible, come a bit early to avoid the crowd.

Go Around Bali Tours

Every holy day in bali, Balinese like to go to the temple and do self-purification. The Holy Spring Water Temple seems to be the main choice to do it and people (Balinese) believe that purifying our selves under the holy fountains of the Spring Water Temple makes our body and sour fresher and serene. For those who have a strong and deep spiritual understanding will feel the different and they will have willingness to come and experience it. Come and plan your tours with us and fell how it is like to be under the holy fountains. See you there.