Go Around Bali Tours: Saraswati

Another precious day is coming up soon. Yes, it falls on Saturday, March 8th, 2014. This special day is called ‘Saraswati’. Coming once in every 6 months, Saraswati has always been a special day especially for school students (of any level) in Bali. I remember how curious I was when the day was coming closer. At school, there was a social activity right one day before the Saraswati day and all my school mates including teachers and staff worked together preparing for the ceremony of the following day. If you happened to be there, could you imagine how awesome it was?

Saraswati day is a commemoration to the descent of knowledge down to earth. It is a holy day where the God of knowledge ‘Dewi Saraswati’ is blessing her gift to the people (Balinese) who believe; therefore, having knowledge through education through schools is kept going and improving. On this day, teaching and learning activity is off as an appreciation to the goddess of Saraswati. In every house, Saraswati Holy Day is conducted by stacking books, dictionaries, and other knowledge resources and put an offering on them.

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Go Around Bali Tours will be very happy to assist you if you would like to attend the ceremony. The ceremony in schools normally starts around 9 in the morning until finished (around 11:00). In some family temples, the ceremony takes place until evening. The Balinese who conduct the ceremony in their temples include high priest, fortune tellers, and/or healers. Their followers will come and bring offerings to have blessing from the god.

Come and see the festivity, I am sure you will get amazed with it. Book your tour now, and we will see you there.

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